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Text books

At our school we have mostly text books of American authors and editions. I have chance to compare them with Russian text books and European. Of course American editions have good and bad sides as any other editions.The good thing that I like about them is citing a lot of examples from real reality, meaning that the theory is usually linked to the reality, it makes things easier to understand. There are usually a lot of pictures and charts in them, so it helps as well. Another side of these books is that some of them really contain a lot of *water* as we say in Russian, meaning that a lot of information is really useless and senseless. Though it is probably the problem of writers. But still if we take books written in the USSR time (text books), there was usually only important information, that makes them so precious still in our days. Nowadays text books issued in Russia often have the same problem - a lot of useless information.

The funny thing about American books is that most of them (if not all)are dedicated to someone: *to Erik, my husband* or *to Ann and Tom, our nice children*. If the author adds something like... *to ..., without whom this book would never happen* or something like this, I usually imagine how they were writing this book together in the long winter evenings :))) It is not common for Russian text books to dedicate them to someone...

I wonder if there is a difference in the USA in the way of writing of new books if we compare them with old editions? In Russia this change is obvious, but it happened here because we are switching for capitalism and people make money by any means. What about the USA?
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