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Perros Amores "Battleship Potemkin"

In Russia we had two revolutions, the first was in the beginning of 20th century in 1905. But again (like in the USA :)) Navy was one of those forces who started it. These two videos are taken from the movie of Eisenshtein (1925). At that time it was a cinema without sound, but it was a very progressive movie in many senses; for example the first crowd scene - on stairs - appeared there).

Battleship "Knyaz Potemkin-Tavricheskiy" was one of the prides of the tsarist Russia. But in 1905 there happened a revolt of the crew against officers and the captain. To say the truth (though we believed in it a lot and it was one of the milestones of our history) the subject was actually made out of thin air. The official reason that pushed the crew to the revolt was a poor quality meat in the lunch of the crew. I really doubt that the crew of such a ship could be served bad (as I said, Tsarist government was proud of it, because it was a very sophisticated, innovated ship, and crew (731!) was selected especially for it). The thing was in one person of the crew (Vakulenchuk) who was a member of communist organization and they were preparing the revolt. So 14.06.1905 the ship was proclaimed as a ship of Revolution; part of officers with the captain killed, others - arrested.The same day the ship did few war shots at military on the shore of Odessa. Tsar Nikolai II was afraid that Potemkin will sail in the open Black sea with the red flag of revolution and he sent 11 battleships to manage Potemkin, but they broke the ring around the ship and went in the sea. Soon water and food was over on Potemkin and they had to come to Romania from where they were handed over to the Tsar government. The crew proclaimed themselves political emigrants and stayed in Romania; part came back to Russia later and was arrested; part came back after the February revolution (this is how we call revolution of 1905). The ship changed few times the name; at the end she was exploded by anglo-french invaders in Sevastopol in 1918.

So Aurora was not really the first one. Any comments?
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